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Free Patient Scheduler

Key Features & Functionality
   Flexible & User-Friendly  Multi-Provider, Multi-Facility, Multi-User
 View your appointment schedule from home
 Schedule appointments in Daily or Weekly view
   Appointment Scheduling  Point & Click to schedule appointments
 Easily schedule repeat visits
 Instantly find scheduled appointments
 Track missed appointments
 Instant check of Provider time availability
 Create, Schedule & Track multiple visit types
 Attach Patient notes & Appointment notes
   Real-time Link to Billing Software  Live updates to patient demographics
 Patient balance alerts
 Instant access to complete patient account
   View & Print  End-Of-Day ledger
 Payment receipts
 Next appointment reminder cards
 Patient encounter forms based on visit type or age
 Demographic sheets
   Additional Features  Auto-generate reminder emails
 Appointment reminder Call service available
 Real-time Patient Eligibility Checking


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